Learn to speak data without the jargon.

Data Jargon: Making Sense of the Noise will help you communicate clearly and intentionally with data professionals.A straightforward and concise explainer on the topics most relevant to the "world of data" today.

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Everyone wants to be "data-driven". But most people don't understand enough to go from wanting to doing.There is a reason companies likes AirBnB and Uber employ hundreds and hundreds of data people.It's a complex space with a lot of noise (and a lot of VC capital).But most of it is jargon.Some of it actually is complicated.A lot of it is not.

What's Included?
Data Jargon is a 100+ page downloadable PDF and reference guide. Inside, we'll cover:

  • Principles and Frameworks that impact data work

  • Simple patterns and concepts to bridge the gap between your team and the world of data

  • Concise summaries of the need-to-know tools commonly used by today's Data teams

Sounds cool. But, who is this for?

  • Professionals who want to learn how Data teams work

  • Product Managers & Marketers looking to up-skill

  • New Grads looking for a strong foundation

  • And, of course, Data practitioners looking to communicate more effectively

Let's cut through the noise and save your time and energy on the next "data-driven" project at work.Less jargon. More doing.

About the Author

I'm Joe. I've worked in the data & analytics space for nearly a decade - as a member of a team, running teams, and consulting startups on how to make sense of the whirlwind that is the data ecosystem.I realized that the "data problems" most companies face aren't technical; they exist because the business (who wants something) and the data people (who are supposed to help them get it) aren't on the same page.But, it doesn't have to be that way.That's why I made Data Jargon.

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